WA Pioneers

In 2014 Tesla advised that they would ship the first cars to Australia – there would be no servicing support or charging in WA – despite this, eight said yes.

They were transhipped from Sydney in December 2014 after the Sydney Grand Opening and arrived here in February 2015.

Original owners received a single phase 40amp wall charger, and were delighted to discover the UWA REV chargers (30amp single phase) around Perth. The Tesla mobile charger was not available at delivery, so we could not escape the metro area.  UWA imported a Percedos 16amp single phase charger for us from Germany, but when it arrived it was restricted to 13amps so as not to exceed the capacity of the 15amp caravan park sockets. It did, however, enable us to break out of Perth.


Some early long drives in WA include:

David & Lindsay to Kalbarri and return – S85 – July 2015 – 1200km in 4 nights

20 hours charge in Dongara, 40 hours plugged into Kalbarri laundry and 20 hours Jurien Bay through a motel window – only 10/13 amps via the Percedos.

Nullarbor Steve drove his new P85D back from Melbourne – November 2015- 3880 km in 9nights

No 3phase, 540kms on one charge Nullarbor roadhouse to Caiguna, 536kms on one charge Caiguna to Coolgardie.

Then 3 Phase pigtails with the red Euro connector for the Tesla UMC and other external EVSEs became available,  we started supplying 3 phase sockets to fill the gaps, and planning 3phase trips.

Matt & David drove Mat’s P85+ across the Nullarbor to Adelaide – May 2016 – 2850km in 5 nights

All 3phase (arranged by sending AEVA 3phase sockets in advance), except 15amps overnight at Caiguna.

Matt K – Adelaide to Brisbane and return to Perth – P85+ – June 2016 – 10000km

Tesla Superchargers from Melbourne to Brisbane (via Sydney) and 3phase, External EVSE, 10m 32amp 3phase extension cable and 32A and 20A pigtails. Dual on board chargers.

Richard McNeal Round Oz, Sydney to Sydney return via WA – August/September 2016 – 16000km

Some 3 phase, but 4 EVSEs failed. Balanced dual 15amp octopus charger, 17kw on board charger. Max of 700kms in one day.

Rob & Robin to Broome and return – P85D – July 2016 – 5400km in 13 nights

Mixture of 3phase and single phase.

Cable Beach, Broome

David, Vernon, Lindsay to Broome and return – S85 – October 2016 – 5000 km 3 nights each way

All 3phase (arranged by sending AEVA 3phase sockets and installing Tesla wall connectors in advance). Single 11kw on board charger. Max of 720kms in one day.

Rob & Robin to Shark Bay and return – P85D – November 2016 – 1900km in 3nights

All 3phase.

Shark Bay

Nullarbor Steve to Launceston return – P85D – March 2017 – 7650 kms in 11 nights

3 phase most of the way. Single 11kw on board charger. Max of 1012kms in one day.

Rob & Robin to Esperance, Kalgoorlie and Kalbarri – P85D – April 2017 – 8 nights

Mixture of 10 amp and 3phase.

David, Lindsay to Esperance, back via Hyden – S85 – April 2017 – 2400km in 5 nights

All 3phase (arranged by sending AEVA 3phase sockets and installing Tesla wall connectors in advance).


The AESY group (AEVA sponsored by Synergy) are trying to cover all the main roads in WA in a 100kms grid of 3-phase sockets. If you any ideas for locations please contact the AESY member below:

Richard Chapman              Pilbara

Rob Dean                                 Goldfields

David Lloyd                            Kimberley and Nullarbor and Coral coast

Jon Edwards                          South West

Christopher Jones              Great Southern and Wheatbelt east of Perth

Glenn Elliot                            Wheatbelt north of Perth



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