Sylvia Wilson meetup – April 17th

Sylvia Wilson (from the Central Queensland Tesla Interest Group) will be in Perth from 17th to 21st April as part of about her round Oz Tesla Tour.

We (along with AEVA) are organising a catch up at Coast, Port Beach on April 17th at 6:00 for all interested Teslans. Please come along for a drink, dinner or a chat. Look forward to seeing you then.

Prof Ray Wills and Prof Thomas Braunl will be attending and speaking on the need for DC charging infrastructure, to complement the 3phase Synergy sockets we have distributed,  and we hope several government departments and media will be present.

Tesla Drive Day – York – April 8th

As noted earlier, our next Tesla drive day is a couple of weekends away on Sunday 8th April

The day will start at Edgecombe Brothers Winery from 9am to 10am.  We will be leaving the Swan Valley at 10am to arrive at York by 11.30am, parking in York will be adjacent to the RV area at Pioneer Avon Park on Lowe Street.  This is a short walk from the York Palace Hotel, our 12noon lunch venue.

If there are any other friends or family who are interested in attending this event, they are also welcome (subject only to capacity at the venues).  There will be some vehicles attending who have room for additional passengers.

A copy of the lunch menu will be forwarded through to all attendees who have RSVP’d in the next week, along with any further information.

Please email as soon as possible to confirm attendance as our lunch venue does have a limit of available seats.

If you wish to attend at the Swan Valley (breakfast and/or coffee) meet up or the York (lunch) meet up only please also advise attendance numbers.

New Kimberley charging stations powering our driving future

By Horizon Power on 16 March 2018

Electric vehicles can now travel across WA’s Kimberley region, thanks to three new charging stations servicing the 900km stretch of Northern Highway between Kununurra and Derby.

The stations have been installed by Horizon Power in the remote Kimberley communities of Warmun, Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing, completing the ‘missing link’ for electric vehicle charging availability around Australia’s perimeter.

Due to their limited travelling range, electric vehicles were previously only able to reach Kununurra in the East Kimberley, or Derby in the West Kimberley.

Tara Stigwood, Horizon Power Retail and Community Manager East Kimberley said the charging stations were part of the electricity utility’s commitment to a sustainable energy future for regional Western Australia.

“Knowing they can now complete their journey through the Kimberley will encourage more electric vehicle users to travel through this magnificent part of Australia,” Ms Stigwood said.

“That’s great for local businesses and the people in our remote communities.”

“We have a range of exciting projects across the state focusing on providing innovative energy choices for customers,” Ms Stigwood said.

“Making electricity available to power vehicles is just one of the ways we’re working toward our vision for the future of energy.”

Chris Jones, National Secretary of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association said using electric vehicles has a number of benefits.

“In addition to saving on fuel, electric cars are quieter than those with internal combustion engines, and have no exhaust emissions which improves public health and reduces ecological impacts,” Mr Jones said.

The new vehicle charging stations are located at the Warmun Roadhouse, Halls Creek Service Station and Fitzroy Crossing Roadhouse.

To view the network of 450 electric vehicle charging stations across Australia visit

For media queries, please contact the media line on 1800 799 745.