Enhanced Autopilot

In other markets, Tesla offers “Enhanced Autopilot” as an option below “Full Self Driving”. This option offers Nav on Autopilot, Auto lane change, Autopark and Smart summon for approximately half the cost.

Full Self Driving then adds Traffic Light and Stop Sign control on top.

A screentshot of the UK order page for Enhanced Autopilot

If this option were offered in Australia, for those that have not purchased FSD, would you buy Enhanced Autopilot?

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TOCWA on Flashpoint – Channel 7

Pete Petrovsky, TOCWA Committee Member and Model 3 owner participated in a panel discussion on Channel 7’s Flashpoint about EV adoption in Western Australia – if you missed it on Monday night, You can stream the episode here:


– You may have to log in – and choose Season “5” rather than “2021” at the bottom – It’s marked as Season 5 Episode 1 – see the image below:

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Gen 2 Mobile Charger Charge Rate Update

Andy Jones reports:

The recent update 2021.12.25.7 has an update which allows the Universal Mobile Charger (UMC) Gen 2 charger to now charge at full rated power.

Previously the 10amp and 15amp tails only actually allowed / limited to 8amp and 12amp speeds respectively. It’s now gone up to 10amps and 15amps respectively.

Great news especially for those who only use the UMC at home. The pictures show before and after the update using the same socket and charger setup. Current was 12A and is now 15A.

Note the power says 3kw in both pics because it’s rounded.

Also note that I didn’t get the higher rate straight after the update. apparently you needed to plug in the UMC for the car to communicate with the UMC to update its firmware. We got it this morning after plugging in overnight.

Williams Further Progress

Steve Rogers sent in these photos of the latest work at Williams

Looks like it’s coming along nicely – we’re in planning for our next overnight roadtrip, and this will definitely be a pitstop on the way!

3 Wishes

Congratulations to Tesla and Karrinyup Shopping Centre for opening Perth’s 1st Supercharger.

It’s been a little over 2 years since TOCWA member, Jayson Stanley asked, and Elon said OK to a Store, Supercharger & Service Centre.

We’re thrilled to announce Tesla have fulfilled Jayson’s 3 wishes