Perth Home Show

We’re down at the Perth Home Show for 2019 flying the flag

Eco town produced a video. Our Model X was featured a couple of times!

Eco Town with Wombat | Perth Home Show

??? If you're attending the Perth HIA Home Show this weekend then you MUST visit our exciting sustainability feature ECO TOWN. We've got 5 tiny houses, electric cars, worm farming, aquaponics and oh so much more! It' FREE to attend the Show so bring the kids and come say hello! Tickets available here:

Posted by Perth Home Shows on Thursday, 28 March 2019

If you’re down at the home show, come and say hello – we’re there all weekend.

Some attention from Elon about Perth

Perth Tesla owner, Jayson Stanley, managed to get some attention from Elon himself after the recent Tesla posting about changes to the service centres and delivery centres:

Lets hope some follow-through happens.  We’ll keep you posted, and well done, Jayson.

If you want to respond on twitter and share the excitement, click on the image above to link to Elon’s response directly.

The Tweet also got some coverage at here:

Musk promises Tesla store in W.A. to the delight of enthusiasts

Faster Supercharging is coming

Tesla announced today its first “Version 3” Supercharger:

At present, the fastest speeds may be limited to new Model 3 deliveries (and the upcoming Model Y), but a new accompanying software update also works to condition the battery of your vehicle before you arrive, if you set the satnav to take you to a Supercharger.

After the full annoucement today, we will update with more information.  We will not see V3 Superchargers in Europe and Asia-Pacific until late this year.  The arrival date of Perth’s Supercharger is still unconfirmed, but we hope to see a more concrete announcement on this, too.