Model 3 is coming

Hold on to your hats, people.


The Good, The Bad and the Smogly

Committee Member, Harald was on the ABC this morning with Jo Trilling along with Richard Baird talking about all things EV and Tesla – You can catch up here:

Monthly Casual Tesla Owner Meetups

The committee has had a couple of things planned for the start of 2019, both of which ran into organisational hiccups, but will re-appear later in the year.

As a means of allowing for some interaction, and for potential new owners to come and see Tesla vehicles for themselves, we’re planning to have monthly “casual” meetups – swapping between a weekend daytime event and a mid-week evening event each month. Our first meetup in this new format was Sunday 7th April at Leederville Sporting Club

The meetings will be informal, but we’ll plan to have at least a couple of the committee and their cars at each meetup, so you can come and ask questions, meet other owners, and maybe grab a refreshment or two.

The upcoming casual meetups are:

  • Wednesday May 1st at The Gate, Cockburn
  • Sunday June 2nd at Heathcote Reserve
  • Wednesday July 3rd at Wembley Golf Club
  • Sunday August 4th at Mount Henry Tavern
  • Wednesday September 4th at City Beach