Monthly Casual Tesla Owner Meetups

The committee has had a couple of things planned for the start of 2019, both of which ran into organisational hiccups, but will re-appear later in the year.

As a means of allowing for some interaction, and for potential new owners to come and see Tesla vehicles for themselves, we’re planning to have monthly “casual” meetups – swapping between a weekend daytime event and a mid-week evening event each month. Our first meetup in this new format was Sunday 7th April at Leederville Sporting Club

The meetings will be informal, but we’ll plan to have at least a couple of the committee and their cars at each meetup, so you can come and ask questions, meet other owners, and maybe grab a refreshment or two.

The upcoming casual meetups are:

  • Wednesday May 1st at The Gate, Cockburn
  • Sunday June 2nd at Heathcote Reserve
  • Wednesday July 3rd at Wembley Golf Club
  • Sunday August 4th at Mount Henry Tavern
  • Wednesday September 4th at City Beach

3 Replies to “Monthly Casual Tesla Owner Meetups”

  1. Love to attend the May 1st meeting, because we are visiting friends in Perth. And because i am always sending them stories via Whatsapp about my Tesla experiences in Belgium, it is time to show them what my Tesla talk is all about.
    Have made my Model 3 reservation 3 years ago, but the SR+ ersion cannot be ordered right now in Belgium.

    Made a first testdrive with a Tesla Model S in 2014 (on our 40th wedding anniversary) and visited the Tesla assembling plant in Tilburg in the Netherlands in 2015 on my 65th birthday.

    Visited the first (USA grey imported) Model 3 in Neuss in Germany in April last year, and made a first (very short) test drive with the Model 3 in August last year in Brussels when YouYou Xiu started his European tour.
    Will rent a Model 3 on April 17th this year in Belgium, just before we leave to Perth, so i will be able to tell something about that experience as well.

    Hope to meet you there!
    Hubert from Belgium

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