CCS2 Adapter for Model S and X now available

We’ve finally got our hands on the long anticipated CCS Combo 2 adapter in Perth.

As per the information at

  • All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced after May 1, 2019 have the technical capability to charge at CCS Combo 2 charging sites with the use of a CCS Combo 2 adapter.
  • Owners of older Model S and Model X will require a service retrofit in order to take advantage of CCS Combo 2 charging via adapter – you may schedule a service retrofit at your local Tesla service center via your Tesla mobile app.
  • CCS Combo 2 retrofit service will cost $798, including the cost of a CCS Combo 2 adapter ($271 when purchased separately).

Como Car Show

Our next casual meetup date coincides with the Como Rotary Car Show at Wesley College, so we thought it might be good to do both!

If you’d like to display your car – and we’d hope to have a few Model 3’s in Perth by then, it’d be great to have a good contingent of Teslas there.  Please get in touch via email to Ken or Rob if you’re interested and we’ll get you on the list.

Web Browser is here, plus School Zones – version 2019.32 updates

We’ve had our first update to bring some new functionality for a while (unless you count games).

Software v2019.32 adds the long-missing Web-browser to Australian cars

It only functions in Park, as soon as you engage a gear, it closes, but it’s still handy to have.

Also added in this version is support for Australian School Zones – the display now shows the time-based speed limit below the default one

(sorry for the slightly blurry photo – taken by my son while I was driving)

The database of school zones is still taking shape – some are missing, so keep an eye out, and feel free to let us know if you find missing ones – I noticed that it doesn’t know about the school zone on Pearson St adjacent to Churchlands Primary School but it does seem to know about the ones around Churchlands SHS and Newman.

New Gwelup DC Charger

A few of us met up at the opening of a new DC fast charger at PrimeWest Gwelup

There is a 50kW Chademo/CCS2 as well as a twin 22kW Type-2.

For now, you either need a Chademo adapter, or a Type-2 to Type-2 cable to use the charger.  Model 3 Owners can simply plug in with the CCS2 connector

Service Bookings via the App

Tesla have now finally set up access to make service bookings for Perth through the App:

Be careful, though, the calendar link that gets emailed with your booking computes in EST, so you’ll need to move it 2 hours forward in your calendar.

Drive Day – Sunday 18th August

The next TOCWA drive day will be held on Sunday the 18th of August to Dwellingup, approximately 100km south of Perth.

Tesla owners and enthusiasts are welcome to join TOCWA for a leisurely drive from UWA to Dwellingup, followed by lunch and an optional ride on the historic Hotham Valley Railway.

9:30 – Meet at UWA Car Park 3 (near the DC charging station)
10:00 – Depart UWA for Dwellingup
11:30 – 11:45: Arrive at the Dwellingup Visitor Information Centre
12:00 – 1:45: Lunch at the Blue Wren Cafe
2:00 – 4:00: Ride on the Hotham Valley Railway (optional)

A detailed route will be provided on the day, but we will likely take a scenic journey along the South West Highway, before turning left onto Del Park Road in North Dandalup for the final leg to Dwellingup.

The proposed route from UWA to Dwellingup is approximately 110km, so owners are asked to plan ahead and arrive at UWA with a high state-of-charge.  This will ensure charging facilities are available for those with smaller-capacity batteries, or for those who have traveled long distances to join us.

Charging is available at both the start and finish points – UWA offers 50kW DC charging, and the Dwellingup Visitor Information Centre offers 22kW 3-phase AC charging for suitably-equipped vehicles.

Adaptors are required for both charging facilities, so don’t hesitate to ask for further information via the TOCWA Facebook page or online forum if you need further information or would like to borrow an adaptor.

Hotham Valley Railway
The Hotham Valley Railway will be operating a return steam train service at 2:00pm from Dwellingup to Isandra Siding (14km away).  Tickets are $40 for adults, or $20 for children, and proceeds support the preservation of the historic Hotham Valley Railway.  Tickets can be pre-purchased direct from the Hotham Valley Railway via credit card by phoning (08) 6278 1111, or they can be purchased on a cash-only basis on the day.  The return journey is 2 hours, and arrives back in Dwellingup at 4:00pm.

If you would like to join us on the drive, or just for lunch at the Blue Wren Cafe, please RSVP via the event on TOCWA’s Facebook page, or email

Looking forward to seeing you there!

(If you have trouble going to the Facebook event, you can join the Facebook group here)

White is the new Black

Elon says:

He confirmed later in the thread that a new “standard”, non-pearl white colour will be the default, no-cost colour.

This seems like a better choice for Australia.