CCS2 Adapter for Model S and X now available

We’ve finally got our hands on the long anticipated CCS Combo 2 adapter in Perth.

As per the information at

  • All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles produced after May 1, 2019 have the technical capability to charge at CCS Combo 2 charging sites with the use of a CCS Combo 2 adapter.
  • Owners of older Model S and Model X will require a service retrofit in order to take advantage of CCS Combo 2 charging via adapter – you may schedule a service retrofit at your local Tesla service center via your Tesla mobile app.
  • CCS Combo 2 retrofit service will cost $798, including the cost of a CCS Combo 2 adapter ($271 when purchased separately).

2 Replies to “CCS2 Adapter for Model S and X now available”

    1. You can get it from Tesla – your car will likely need the CCS retrofit – just book it in as a service visit and they can get it done

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