Charging from 3-Phase with the Model 3

The Model 3 comes with Tesla’s new second-generation mobile charger. This charger is capable of charging from standard sockets from 2kW up to a maximum of 7kW – however, in Australia, it only comes with tails for 2kw (10A) and 3kW (15A).

We’re working on a tail for Australia which allows you to make use of 32A/3-phase plugs to get the full 7kW that the charger is capable of. These plugs exist at a lot of City of Perth car parks, as well as on the “Round Australia” route.

Of course, we also have a first-generation mobile connector that will allow for 11kW charging on a Model 3 which members can borrow:

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    1. James – not sure exactly what you’re asking

      As per this post – the Model 3 (and all Teslas apart from the OG Roadster) can charge from 3-Phase, but yes, you need some form of EVSE, either a Tesla Mobile Connector, or some other EVSE.

  1. Thanks Ken I guess I am asking if I had a type 2 to type 2 cable (cable and plug fittings only) could I replace the power supply end with a 3 Phase plug and plug straight in to the m3 car and 3 Phase source to charge?

    1. No – the Type2-Type2 cable is used when there is already EVSE equipment that manages the current/switching in the wallbox that you’re pluggin into – to connect to 3-Phase, you need some in-cable EVSE – so the simplest option is to get the tail for the UMC, but there are also dedicated EVSEs for 3-Phase charging

  2. Hi, I have a 410v 32Amp 3 phase connection at work that I am accessing with the after-market Evse 5 pin 3 phase tail. The best I am getting is 8kw/h and I am wondering if there is anything I can do to get the full 22 kw/h that it is capable of? i.e. another power cord, is there a software thing I am unaware of, etc or if I install a full-blown home charger?


    1. Steve,

      The Gen2 mobile connector only draws from one phase, so it’s drawing 32A, single phase – which is about 7-8kW as you’re seeing. Current Teslas can only draw up to 11kW with the onboard charger, so you can get 16A, 3Phase with the Tesla HPWC, or another 3-phase EVSE, such as the Khons.

      You can’t get 22kW with the onboard charger, even though the socket can supply that.


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