Diesel Efficiency Challenge

TOCWA, along with AEVA, wanted to see if a Tesla Model S would be more efficient in its use of energy than an efficient diesel vehicle.  So a test was run with a Volvo V40 T5 2L diesel against the same amount of power from a diesel generator.

Which do you think used less fuel for the same 100km run?

Watch Here

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4 Replies to “Diesel Efficiency Challenge”

  1. Hi,
    thx for “Diesel Efficiency Challenge”.
    I’m missing a pic of the P85D’s screen, that shows, that it used the charged 18 kWh during the drive – and not more or less ?

    and my 85D

    1. I will need to locate the correct picture, but it was a very good day for driving for both cars. It actually used less than 18kwh to cover the 104.6km.

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