June Casual Meetups

It goes without saying that a lot has happened since our last face-to-face casual meetup at Mia Cucina Café back in March this year. Between then and now, we have held two virtual casual meetups, a charging seminar and a joint AEVA/TOCWA charging infrastructure meeting – all utilizing the Zoom platform.

Last Friday the WA government announced a 100/300 rule for bars, restaurants and cafes and a reduced 2 square metre rule.

To that end, we a planning a phased return to normal face-to-face casual meetups starting at the Floreat Beach EV charger carpark adjacent to The Kiosk Floreat Beach (Challenger Parade, City Beach 6015) on Sunday, 7th June at 1:00pm. (The PlugShare reference for this charger is https://www.plugshare.com/location/226387 )

By primarily holding this meetup in the carpark, we’ll easily be able to maintain physical distancing while being able to duck into the Kiosk/Restaurant to get a coffee or bite to eat.

For those who can’t make it on Sunday (or like many of us, can’t resist a chat), we are also holding a Zoom meetup this Wednesday evening 3rd June at 7:30. See the members section for the Zoom link.

Casual meetups are open to everyone including those who have never seen a Tesla before.

It’s an ideal opportunity to meet club members and to also see the cars in the flesh which we are all passionate about.

We hope to see you there and look forward to chatting about all things Tesla.

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