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A number of owners asked questions yesterday about carrying a spare tyre, before I go in to detail the Tesla owners club of WA have a free to use model 3 spare for members plus McCarthy’s in Nedlands carry at least one spare for model S cars, if you have a model X get in contact and TOCWA as we also have a owner’s spare that’s available.

So do you need to carry a spare tyre?

• For around the city and suburbs the answer is NO, in fact I would recommend getting your car flat bed trucked to a tyre centre rather than risk injury changing a tyre in a city full of distracted drivers.

• If you’re driving on the busy coastal corridor that passes through Mandurah-Bunbury-Dunsborough-Augusta there’s enough support to go without a spare tyre so the choice is yours.

•If you’re planning a drive North of Jurien Bay, East of Cunderdin or South-East towards Esperance I highly suggest you carry a full size spare tyre and jack, the chances of you getting damage to a near new set of quality tyres is low but if you do get a tyre failure the consequences can be very expensive and extremely frustrating.

Carrying a tyre repair kit is NOT sufficient, these are only useful for plugging small holes caused by tech screws, most tyre damage in regional areas is caused by a very rare but unavoidable pothole or a foreign object that’s fallen off another vehicle.

What about a space saver spare? For country roads these are crap, I can’t see the point of driving at slow speed for up to 300kms to the next town only to spend the next 3 days hanging around waiting for a replacement tyre to be transported in, best to carry a full size spare with plenty of remaining tread that will allow you to enjoy a stress free journey.

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  1. Hi, I’ve had 2 flats in my P3D+ in the last year and fortunately I was metro both times. Is the TOCWA spare suitable for the 20” wheels?

    1. Hi Lisa

      Yes, TOCWA have a spare for both 18 ad 20 inch replacements. Following on to my reply to Christian who also has P3D it may be useful to keep an eye out for a set of 2nd 20 inch wheels that can be divided amongst 4 owners, for the time being if you need a spare for a long country trip contact the TOCWA Secretary who keeps the spare wheels/tyres and cables needed.


  2. What about a model 3 performance if you just want to carry a spare, should 4 of us club together and by a set from Tesla or is there an after market provider in Oz or overseas that do single wheels or a set ?

    1. Hi Christian

      A number of other model 3P owners have discussed collectively buying a set of 2nd hand 20 inch wheels when they become available, keep an eye out on the TOCWA Facebook group. In the mean time if you need assistance before a long country trip contact the TOCWA Secretary-


  3. Question: Is there another car brand wheel that will fit the Tesla 3. I hae seen posts that suggest its a common fitting size and the HRV or Jackaroo wheel will fit? It would be nice to have confirmation.

    We don’t want to tackle a lengthy country trip without a spare.


  4. I have a 2015 Model S. Is it possible to buy/use a non-Tesla made full size wheel (19”) as a spare for country trips?

    1. Yes – there are a number of rims that will fit a Model S – they share the same pattern as Holden Commodores, so many rims will fit.

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