WA’s First Supercharger is live

Today, the Eaton Fair Shopping Centre held an opening event for WA’s first supercharger – we were pleased to see WA’s oldest Tesla, owned by Frank Lister as one of the first vehicles to charge there.

TOCWA Chair, Rob Dean said, “I would just like to say big thanks to Matt Kemner, Marc Loveridge, Chris Lee, John Krepp, David Lloyd, Bruce Smith and Frank Lister who received the first 7 cars back in February 2015 – some of them waiting 2 years for the chance to order a car in the first place. Without the persistence of some of these owners plus others in the Eastern states, Tesla may not have pushed into the Australian market as early as they did.”

A number of owners are planning to visit the new Supercharger this weekend during the last weekend of the school holidays, and also as part of the TOCWA tour of the Greenbushes lithium mine.


More pictures of the opening below – thanks to David Hince

Como Rotary Car Show

TOCWA members’ cars were on show today the Como Rotary car show at Wesley College – if you came and said hello, and would like more information, get in touch.

It’s alive!

TOCWA is taking shape.  We now have our various documents in shape and will formally begin taking general membership soon.

Please feel free to send me any updates or WA ownership experiences to share.  We have a twitter feed at twitter.com/tesla_wa and a Facebook group at so feel free to also follow, join and communicate with us there.

First Committee Meeting

TOCWA’s first committee meeting will be held at The Left Bank
15 Riverside Road, East Fremantle on Tuesday 19th September at 5pm.

All are welcome to attend, this is the committee meeting at which we will finalise the Rules etc. We intend that committee meetings will be open to all members (or in this case prospective members), but obviously the committee are responsible for making the decisions on behalf of the Association.

The inaugural committee is Rob Dean, Harald Murphy, Annie Atkins, Martin Kane, Ken Taylor and David Lloyd

WA’s First Supercharger

WA’s first supercharger is taking shape in Eaton, just north of Bunbury and close to the Forrest Hwy.

It’s located at the main shopping area at Eaton

The car park row adjacent to Hungry Jacks is being converted to have a six-stall SuperCharger bay

Greenbushes Lithium Mine Tour

TOCWA is planning a trip to visit one of the sources of Lithium used in our batteries.

Day trip and tour of the Greenbushes Lithium mine
Where: Greenbushes town located 239km South of Perth

Time: Sunday the 8th of October, 10.00am in Greenbushes for an 11.00am to 1.00pm tour, anyone travelling or carpooling from Perth would need to be available from 7.00am to 6.00pm.

Individual Travel options are:

• to meet in Perth early morning and travel as a group (carpool) or,

• make your own way to Greenbushes (possibly staying somewhere overnight) and meet prior to the tour.

What to bring: closed flat walking shoes with grip, long trousers and long sleeve shirt are to be worn during the tour, safety equipment will be supplied, some climbing of steps is necessary, minimum age is 8 years old.

For more details contact Rob Dean