Around Australia trips in a pure EV

DriverStart/End pointCompletionVehicleNew Usable Capacity
1. Glen GeorgePerthNov 2011MG converted Blue32 kWh
2 Richard McNeallSydneySept 2016Tesla S Blue82 kWh
3. Jeff JohnsonSydneyNov 2016Nissan Leaf Blue * 21 kWh
4. Sylvia WilsonGladstoneJuly 2018Tesla S Blue69 kWh
5. Steve & Keita BurrellPerthAug 2018Tesla S Titanium76 kWh
6. Harald MurphyPerthNov 2018
19 days
Tesla X Titanium82 kWh
7. Wiebe WakkerDarwin/SydneyMarch 2019VW converted Blue22 kWh
8. Richard SmithDarwinApril 2019Tesla X White96 kWh
9. Linda RohrsGold CoastJuly 2019 (inc Tasmania)Tesla S Blue96 kWh
10. Rob & Robin DeanPerthNov 2019 (inc Tasmania)Tesla S Blue76 kWh
11. Peter HayesMelbourneDec 2019Tesla 3 Silver72 kWh
12. John PaulMelbourneMarch 2020Tesla 3 Red72 kWh
13. Jules BoagSydneyMay 2021Tesla S White72 kWh
14. Michelle & Terry ArzanikowBallaratJune 2021Tesla 3 White?
15. David McLeodWarnamboolAug 2021Tesla S Blue96 kWh
16. Phil SmithCairns Aug 2021Tesla 3 Blue 72 kWh
17. David CoatesMelbourneSept 2021Tesla 3 Blue72 kWh
18. Bill Gresham & John PhillipsCanberraJuly 2022Hyundai Ioniq Red38 kWh
19. Jeff & Julie WicksGoldcoastJuly 2022Tesla 3 White?
20. Tiff OvertonCentral Coast NSWAug 2022Mercedes EQC400 Silver Grey80 kWh
21. Harald MurphyPerthSept 2022
14 days
Tesla Y White
57 kWh
22. Pete PetrovskyPerthSept 2022
17 days
Tesla Y White
57 kWh
23. Neil BoltonCanberraOct 2022
17 days
Tesla Y White57 kWh
24. Stuart McBainSydneyNov 2022Tesla 3 White
Charge Around Australia
72 kWh
25. James TaylorPerthDec 2022Tesla 3 White
72 kWh
26. David & Lindsay LloydPerthSept 2023Tesla S White96 kWh
27. Harald & Rochelle MurphyPerthSept 2023 (inc Tasmania)Tesla Y White74 kWh
28. Jeff GiddinsJan Juc (Vic)Sept 2023
Tesla Y Grey57 kWh
29. Roger & Jenny TruloffGoldcoastNov 2023Tesla 3 White72 kWh
30. Richard Laxton & Myuu KumagaiMelbourneNov 2023Tesla 3 Blue72kWh
31. Harald MurphyPerthNov 2023
10 days
Tesla Y White74kWh
32. Shane Parker & Sarah WhitePerthFeb 2024
(1st caravan/accomm being towed)
Tesla 3 White52kWh
33. Harald MurphyPerthFeb 2024 – Figure 8Tesla Y White74kWh
34. Warwick ParkinsonBrisbaneApril 2024Tesla 354kWh
35. Trent Nikolic & Dominic WisemanSydneyMay 2024KIA EV9 Grey99kWh
36. Louis ChristosPerthJune 2024BYD Seal Grey82kWh

* Supported by being supplementarily charged with liquid fueled generators which were either carried onboard or by a support vehicle.

5 Replies to “Around Australia trips in a pure EV”

  1. What is the definition of “around Australia”? EG Are specific cities to be covered? Do they all need to be covered in one trip? How many of the listed trips have been to Alice Springs? Hobart? Not many I’m guessing. I am from VIC and currently in the Kimberley after passing through SA and NT. I’ll return via Perth. Having already been to all capitals except Perth I consider myself to have been “around Australia” once I get home.

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